Monday, January 27, 2014


I usually like to keep it neutral on my nails, and this week I decided on two neutral tones. I found these colors at my local pharmacy by a company I've never used before - Julie Nail Color. I definitely am impressed so far! Their color selection is great and they were relatively inexpensive (A+ in my book). Nude and black go great together, and look awesome no matter what you're wearing. 

Here is a breakdown of what how I achieved this look: Paint your nails nude, I did two coats. 
With a fine brush paint guidelines for your triangles in black. 
 And for the last step I carefully filled in the black triangles.

I always use Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat. It's my absolute favorite at the moment - it dries fast and leaves every manicure looking professional. Even if your not the best at painting!
Let me know if you tried out my nail tutorial this week, and show me pics! 

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  1. My new favorite thing is using liquid eyeliner. I did an easy peasy black tip french manicure on myself for my cousins wedding a couple weeks ago that is just now fading. You just draw with the liquid liner, let it dry and put a clear coat over it! endless possibilities!